Delivering Solutions for Clean & Efficient Energy Infrastructure

We provide project management, strategy, and transformation services to business leaders who are building technology-driven, clean energy infrastructure to power a zero-carbon future.

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About Us

Red Sky Intelligence is an agile management consulting firm that provides agile project management, strategy and transformation services to clients who are building technology-driven, clean energy infrastructure to power a zero-carbon future. We tailor our services to support clients develop, finance, operate and maintain energy portfolios across multiple disciplines.

We’re a global collaborator with energy operators, developers, EPC contractors and investors to realize large-scale, low cost energy developments.

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Benefits of Working with Red Sky Intelligence

  1. Experienced resources that work alongside your team in-house to address inefficiencies and optimize processes, operations, and assets.
  2. Track record in applying best practices and delivering success on time and under budget with quality being our highest priority.
  3. Our holistic understanding of asset lifecycle management helps identify risks, cost reductions, and avoid schedule overruns.
  4. We possess unique skills and experience to deliver custom solutions to eliminate time-consuming, costly processes.
  5. We deliver data-driven studies to identify new, strategic business opportunities to drive value for customers and stakeholders.
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Our Vision: A Technology-Driven, Zero-Carbon Future

The global energy sector is shifting to a zero-carbon future. By 2030, the way we generate and consume energy will have evolved to meet regulatory requirements and to satisfy investor and consumer trends. An open-minded, adaptive approach for your business models and investment theses will ensure your investments meet stakeholder expectations, during this transition.

New, disruptive technologies will change the business & investment landscape during this decade. Your organization's approach to leveraging these technologies effectively to operate & maintain assets, deliver products, and offer services will require strategic planning and optimal execution.

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Our Mission

At Red Sky Intelligence, our mission is to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions for technology-driven energy infrastructure to power a zero-carbon future.

We strive to be a leader in addressing the two megatrends of this decade — clean energy and digitalization.

How We Help Organizations


We provide agile project management services for time-sensitive and complex challenges that are critical to the success of your organization’s mission. Read more...


We help you in times of crisis, uncertainty and disruption. Our tailored strategy services include guiding your go-to-market and revenue strategy. Read more...


Your business is facing challenges or new opportunities. We re-design your business structure, execute changes and position you for success. Read more...


We develop custom digital applications to meet the needs of your organization’s business transformation. We lead all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. Read more...


We take responsibility to manage all phases of the M&A process, as an internal in-house resource or as an external resource. Read more...


We provide third party due diligence services onsite or in-house to help buyers assess what they are truly acquiring and how it will add value to their business. Read more...


Our Approach

Defined below is our baseline approach. Depending on the stage your project is at, we adapt to the existing framework to cater to the project scope and resources.


People and relationships drive organizations. We collaborate with your teams to achieve effective results and stay proactive to manage unforeseen challenges.

Scrum Framework

We self-organize to tackle complex, unpredictable problems & situations. The Scrum framework guides us in adapting to change and staying on track.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Decision making and effective strategies are key for successful project deliverables. Learning & continuous development are part of our mindset.


State-of-the-art techniques allow extraction & presentation of data to uncover insights for investment management teams and operators.


Peter Doherty Red Sky Intelligence LLC

Peter Doherty


Peter Doherty • Principal

Peter Doherty is Principal of Red Sky Intelligence. Peter founded the firm in 2019 to help business leaders and management teams who are embracing the energy transition and leveraging digitalization to lower the cost of asset development, operations & maintenance. He has 11+ years experience in the global energy sector having worked for large multinational energy operators and contractors, to develop large-scale infrastructure globally. Read more.

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Our Core Values

Our values below, guide every action that we undertake.

  • Integrity — Trust is key to building great relationships and achieving desired results. We make authenticity our priority.

  • Creativity — Problems arise daily that require a rapid response We encourage creative problem solving to find optimal solutions.

  • Proactiveness — The business world is constantly evolving. We know we must act swiftly to ensure timely & quality results.

Our difference — we act as servant-leaders to clients and solve complex problems with a hands-on and technical approach.

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