M&A and Post-Merger Integration

Grow Your Business with Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Achieving a timely and risk-averse M&A process that meets the expectations of the buyer and seller is our ultimate goal. Red Sky Intelligence takes responsibility to manage all phases of the M&A deal flow and process, as an internal in-house resource or as an external resource.

With our confidential and secure methodology, we use a custom cloud-based system to manage and coordinate your M&A deal flow, stakeholders, and deal documentation. However, we still maintain a human, personalized approach. Furthermore, we use New York based M&A legal partners and investment banks to conduct and finalize the transaction.

M&A Process

Described below is our process, however, we adapt to your organization’s in-house process if required.

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  1. Acquisition strategy - Using an investment thesis we define what type of acquisition you are seeking to pursue, what the value-add will be and how an acquisition will be pursued
  2. Search criteria - we compile a list of potential targets and using several channels, we start our search
  3. Acquisition planning - We hold conversations with target companies to explore their openness to a merger or acquisition and to gather non-confidential high-level
  4. Teaser/Executive Summary - We compile a two-page document for the client, showing high-level financials and pertinent company information to help the buyer decide if the target is worth learning more about
  5. Confidentiality Agreement - If the target is open to progressing talks further, a confidentiality agreement is signed which allows for an exchange of confidential information
  6. Valuation - Upon receipt of company financials and operations information, we perform financial analysis and high-level due diligence to ascertain if the target company meets pre-defined criteria. Next, management is presented with a confidential information memorandum/dealbook
  7. Negotiations & management meetings - If the target company meets expectations and criteria, an offer (stock or asset sale) is compiled and sent to the seller. If the offer is accepted, we proceed to Due Diligence. Meetings between the buyer and seller are arranged. If both parties cannot agree, then, discussions are ceased.
  8. Due Diligence - If an offer is accepted, we initiate detailed due diligence which is used to evaluate and confirm every aspect of the businesses operations and financials
  9. Definitive purchase & sale contract - A purchase and sale contract is compiled and sent to the seller for review if no major issues arise in due diligence.
  10. Financing - Clarification of financing details take place
  11. Post-Merger Integration - We work with both parties to start the integration of merging the acquired target into the buyer’s portfolio

Our Capabilities

  • Pre-deal screening

  • Offline deal orignation

  • Deal team management

  • Deal flow process design

  • Marketing materials

  • Investment materials and theses

  • Post-merger integration

  • Portfolio company audits

  • Portfolio company turnaround and management