Transformation & Turnaround

Move in the Right Direction

Businesses need to be dynamic and adapt to unforeseen circumstances that may negatively impact their financial, legal, and/or operational performance. A clear business strategy must be designed to lay the foundation for the transformation journey.

Our Approach

Our services revolve around three components (described below) to help businesses reorganize so that they increase operational efficiency and achieve a stable financial state, with a goal to grow.

  1. We design for the situation at hand. Discussions with management are held onsite to frame the challenge posed. We outline, clear and actionable steps needed to tackle the root cause of the problem.
  2. We use the scrum framework to implement the strategy and manage the transformation to ensure delivery of maximum value to the new organization whilst minimizing risks during the tranformation.
  3. We focus on communication & marketing — internally and externally of the organization. Early, clear and regular communications within the organization are necessary for employees and customers to grow accustomed to the new organization. This leads to a more successful transformation.

Additionally, we may also employ other tactics or strategies, which depend on the situation at hand.

Our Capabilities

  • Change management
  • Roadmaps and customer journey
  • Action plans
  • Risk Management
  • Market insights
  • Strategic communications
  • Strategy and vision alignment